Introducing a New Level of Protection Exclusively from Manchester Mills Protected by Microban

Guest Supply is excited to introduce Manchester Mills’ newest innovation in mattress & pillow protection: PROTECT360°. These innovative encasements & pillow protectors take protection to the next level with built in Microban® antimicrobial technology. The fabric has Viral Penetration Protection, providing a barrier against viruses’ to protect your investment and your guests. Select Protect360° products [...]

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Laundering Contaminated Textiles

In support of our customer community and keeping their employees and customers safe and healthy, Guest Supply's manufacturing partner Manchester Mills created the following guidelines on laundering contaminated linens. During these circumstances, it is important to care for your linens properly to ensure they are clean and do not get damaged. As per CDC guidelines, here [...]

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Implementing a Linen and Towel Reuse Program

During a time when concerns over global warming issues are growing, more people are trying to live more sustainable lifestyles and make positive environmental changes. It is especially important for large brands to show their concern and act as leaders in their communities by showing guests that they too are implementing strategies to reduce their [...]

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