5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Experience for Hotel Guests

. In our line of business, we aim to achieve excellent customer service and a memorable guest experience. We smile for guests, assist with questions or requests, and make sure everyone is comfortable. But sometimes, that’s not enough. How can your hotel take it a step further so that your hospitality experience is memorable? And [...]

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Elevate the Guest Experience while Optimizing your Housekeeping Operations

  Take your property to the next level with the Designer Series by Royal Basket Trucks®. The complete Designer Series is elegantly designed for additional storage and collecting while maintaining a professional appeal for your guests and staff. Plus, you’ll optimize your housekeeping operations when closests are far away or non-existent.   Designer Storage Carts [...]

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Partner with Guest Supply & Keystone to Help Optimize Labor and Keep Spaces Clean

  Cleaning is a core part of your business, one that requires a combination of chemistry and expertise to help you reach your business potential. Ecolab and Guest Supply are ready to help you optimize your cleaning operations and manage your bottom-line potential as you work to overcome labor challenges and adapt to this new [...]

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