Sustainable Product Solutions For Your Hotel

  It’s expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, according to the United Nations. Single-use plastic, such as plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda, and water bottles account for almost half of the annual plastic production. But there are efforts being made to slow down this harm to [...]

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Our Sincerest Gratitude to All The Hard-Working Housekeepers

  A big thank you to the housekeepers, maintenance professionals, and laundry attendants who are an integral part of running a hotel. Their commitment to keeping facilities clean and safe continues to enhance the guest experience. We’d like to extend our wholehearted appreciation for all that they do, not only this week but every day.

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Vacuum + Wash All at Once With Hydroclean™

  The Sanitaire® Hydroclean™ hard floor washer is the only machine you’ll need to clean hard floors with speed and ease. This timesaving tool does it all — vacuums and washes in one step — with no spray bottles, mops, buckets or cloths. Get more done in less time and flip critical spaces faster.

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Trends in Hotel Design That are Easy to Implement

Hotel design and the guest experience go hand in hand. Keeping up with trends in technology, design, traveler preference, and sustainability helps drive uniqueness and relevance to your hotel. Showcasing nature, local art, or community is a great example of how to make your brand stand out to guests. Read our tips for keeping up [...]

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How to Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment for your Guests

A good night’s sleep sets the tone for the entire day. Getting enough sleep is proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and have positive benefits for overall health. But many people have trouble sleeping — more than 50 million Americans suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders.   Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, such as a [...]

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Prepare Your Outdoor Areas for Summer

  A crowded pool, an influx of outdoor dining requests, an increase in bookings — it can all only mean one thing… summer travel season. Guests who are inspired by the sun and the warmth strive to be outside enjoying the elements during their summer vacation. As your hotel prepares outdoor activities, lounging areas, and [...]

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Essential Supplies for Memorial Day in Stock and Ready to Ship

  Travel is back, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday rush. Whether travelers are hitting the road or hopping on a plane for a longer trip, you’ll want to make sure your property is ready when they arrive. Make sure you have essential supplies on hand for your guests’ convenience by placing your [...]

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5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Experience for Hotel Guests

. In our line of business, we aim to achieve excellent customer service and a memorable guest experience. We smile for guests, assist with questions or requests, and make sure everyone is comfortable. But sometimes, that’s not enough. How can your hotel take it a step further so that your hospitality experience is memorable? And [...]

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How to Create Sustainability Messaging for Guests

. The most recent research from gathered insights from more than 29,000 travelers across 30 countries. According to the findings, 83% of global respondents think sustainable travel is vital, with 61% saying the pandemic made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. And 53% admitted they get annoyed if the accommodation stops [...]

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Invest In Our Planet With Product Solutions From Guest Supply

  Invest In Our Planet is the theme for Earth Day 2022. You can invest in your property right now by offering sustainable products from Guest Supply. Whether you need to refresh your recycling bins or would prefer to use non-harmful cleaners, Guest Supply offers those full spectrum solutions. Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers [...]

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