How to Create a Peaceful Sleep Environment for your Guests

A good night’s sleep sets the tone for the entire day. Getting enough sleep is proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and have positive benefits for overall health. But many people have trouble sleeping — more than 50 million Americans suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders.   Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, such as a [...]

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Prepare Your Outdoor Areas for Summer

  A crowded pool, an influx of outdoor dining requests, an increase in bookings — it can all only mean one thing… summer travel season. Guests who are inspired by the sun and the warmth strive to be outside enjoying the elements during their summer vacation. As your hotel prepares outdoor activities, lounging areas, and [...]

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Essential Supplies for Memorial Day in Stock and Ready to Ship

  Travel is back, just in time for the Memorial Day holiday rush. Whether travelers are hitting the road or hopping on a plane for a longer trip, you’ll want to make sure your property is ready when they arrive. Make sure you have essential supplies on hand for your guests’ convenience by placing your [...]

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5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Experience for Hotel Guests

. In our line of business, we aim to achieve excellent customer service and a memorable guest experience. We smile for guests, assist with questions or requests, and make sure everyone is comfortable. But sometimes, that’s not enough. How can your hotel take it a step further so that your hospitality experience is memorable? And [...]

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How to Create Sustainability Messaging for Guests

. The most recent research from gathered insights from more than 29,000 travelers across 30 countries. According to the findings, 83% of global respondents think sustainable travel is vital, with 61% saying the pandemic made them want to travel more sustainably in the future. And 53% admitted they get annoyed if the accommodation stops [...]

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Invest In Our Planet With Product Solutions From Guest Supply

  Invest In Our Planet is the theme for Earth Day 2022. You can invest in your property right now by offering sustainable products from Guest Supply. Whether you need to refresh your recycling bins or would prefer to use non-harmful cleaners, Guest Supply offers those full spectrum solutions. Guest Supply proactively partners with manufacturers [...]

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Product Solutions for Commercial and Institutional Applications

  Cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives at work and at home by removing dirt, germs and other contaminants from surfaces around us. SC Johnson is a leading manufacturer of cleaning, storage and pest control products found under an assortment of iconic brands such as fantastik®, fantastik MAX®, Glade®, Pledge®, Scrubbing [...]

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Gear Up for Spring Cleaning With Guest Supply Solutions

  It’s time for some spring cleaning! As your property preps for the summer rush, make sure everything is tidy and clean with these products and so much more from Guest Supply.         HYDROCLEAN HARD FLOOR VACUUM AND WASHER Vacuums and washes in one step, with no spray bottles, mops, buckets or [...]

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Protect Your Staff And Guests With Microban Antimicrobial Technology

   The Microban name is well-recognized but are you aware of the many products Guest Supply has in our Microban portfolio? Not only do we offer ready to use Microban cleaners, but our Manchester Mills textiles are manufactured with Microban to provide extended freshness and hygiene for linens and shower curtains. It doesn’t stop there; we [...]

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Help Offset Labor Challenges by Boosting Cleaning Efficiency

  Cleaning is a core part of your business—one that requires a combination of innovative chemistry and expertise to help you reach your business potential. Guest Supply and Ecolab are ready to help you optimize your operations and enhance employee learning as you work to adapt to this new environment. From training and procedure guidance [...]

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