How Your Hotel Can Go Green & Save with Ecofriendly Textiles

Going green is on every hotelier’s mind these days, and for many good reasons. Reducing waste is, without a doubt, beneficial to the environment, but it can also be greatly beneficial to your hotel’s bottom line, too. When your guests and staff are aware of your conservation efforts, you’ll likely increase affinity for your [...]

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These Textiles Offer Hoteliers the Best of Both Worlds

Blends versus cotton. When it comes to choosing textiles for your property, deciding between the two isn’t always easy. Blends can offer more strength and durability while cotton can provide a softer surface feel. So, how does a hotelier choose? You might not have to, thanks to core spun technology. One of the most [...]

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Hotel Cleanliness Ensures Guest Loyalty

Simple strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction It goes without saying that for guests, nothing is more important than a clean room. And for hoteliers, when the topic of cleanliness comes up, housekeeping is likely top of mind. Aside from good housekeeping practices, there are many other subtle factors that affect how “clean” a room [...]

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