How to Improve TripAdvisor Ratings and Positively Impact Revenue

More than 500 hotel and restaurant reviews span seven million destinations on TripAdvisor. Each month, the site receives 390 million unique visitors who are directly booking hotels. With tremendous online power given to consumers, these independent reviews have the power to greatly enhance or irreparably tarnish reputations. Guests are more likely to book a hotel [...]

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Changing the World Together

Coffee, a morning essential for most guests, is capable of doing bigger things. Collaboration not only fuels growth in the industry, but it also changes the world. In that spirit, Guest Supply and Safai have paired up to offer the world’s finest handcrafted single-origin coffees to valued customers. In order to provide the finest quality [...]

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3 Cost-effective Ways of Mobilizing Millennials

Millennials today comprise the single most powerful driving force behind the global travel market. In fact by 2020, they will make up more than half the global workforce – with 38% of that population traveling for work-related purposes. Here are a few ways hotels can gain the upper hand in capitalizing on this highly-lucrative demographic: [...]

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