Give Guests an Oasis of Calm

Modern guests expect top-notch services and amenities to maintain their investment in wellness. Their lifestyles demand adequate exercise, sleep and nutrition. Hotels can tap into this need to boost profits and give guests a retreat from their daily lives. Learn how Guest Supply can help your hotel pick up and carry the wellness torch. Aromatherapeutic [...]

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Make Travel Pet Friendly

More than any other time in history, pets are treated as valued members of the family. A survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 51 percent of U.S. hotels allow pets, and Trip Advisor found that 53 percent of 1,100 participants travel with their pets. Of those, 52 percent will only consider [...]

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Promote a Restful Sleep Experience

Hotels are placing more emphasis than ever on ensuring a restful experience for their guests, whether the property caters to the luxury traveler or those sticking to a budget. After all, there is no better way to ensure a memorable experience than by providing something we all desperately want and need – a good night’s [...]

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Making a Difference, One Bar of Soap at a Time

Guest Supply firmly believes that meeting the needs of our customers shouldn’t compromise our commitment to conservation. In fact, minimizing our impact on the environment is a priority in all aspects of our business. That’s why we are proud to partner with Clean the World, a global enterprise dedicated to reducing infection and disease in [...]

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Spring Your Outdoor Furniture

Spring is in the air! The return of greenery and singing birds means hotels must match the atmosphere inside the hotel to the spaces outside.  After a particularly harsh winter, guests want to enjoy the outdoors and explore fresh air spaces as extensions of their hotel rooms. Time to re-invest in your outdoor furniture [...]

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Explore High-Tech Hospitality

Technology is changing the hospitality industry and hotels must embrace the widespread shift or risk being left with empty rooms. The demand for these types of enhancements is booming, meaning opportunity abounds to offer the ultimate options in comfort and convenience. Consider these tech upgrades to offer five-star customer service.Mobile Automation Mobile phones are meant [...]

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How to Improve TripAdvisor Ratings and Positively Impact Revenue

More than 500 hotel and restaurant reviews span seven million destinations on TripAdvisor. Each month, the site receives 390 million unique visitors who are directly booking hotels. With tremendous online power given to consumers, these independent reviews have the power to greatly enhance or irreparably tarnish reputations. Guests are more likely to book a hotel [...]

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Changing the World Together

Coffee, a morning essential for most guests, is capable of doing bigger things. Collaboration not only fuels growth in the industry, but it also changes the world. In that spirit, Guest Supply and Safai have paired up to offer the world’s finest handcrafted single-origin coffees to valued customers. In order to provide the finest quality [...]

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3 Cost-effective Ways of Mobilizing Millennials

Millennials today comprise the single most powerful driving force behind the global travel market. In fact by 2020, they will make up more than half the global workforce – with 38% of that population traveling for work-related purposes. Here are a few ways hotels can gain the upper hand in capitalizing on this highly-lucrative demographic: [...]

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