Harness the Power of Social Media to Increase Occupancy

65% of TripAdvisor travelers are more likely to book a property that responds to traveler reviews than one that doesn’t. In the post-social media revolution, online reviews and content matter. It isn’t enough to have high-quality customer service and friendly staff. If it is not included in the internet’s conversation, only a few will recognize [...]

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From Welcome to Goodbye, Impress Guests with a Revamped Lobby

Lobbies are no longer just spaces for checking in and out of a property. The current trend is to provide an experience that appeals to travelers and local visitors alike. The addition of art, expanded seating and social gathering areas, complete with updated technology and entertainment, help take hotel lobbies to the next level. Make [...]

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Make a Lasting Impression with the Right Kind of Clean

Cleanliness is a large part of guest satisfaction. In the age of social media, a missed spot or unpleasant odor can result in negative online reviews and unflattering pictures posted to multiple platforms. Guest Supply and Ecolab have partnered to provide a comprehensive cleaning program that will earn any hotel five stars. Give housekeeping operations [...]

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Make Cleanliness Your Trademark

Commitment to cleanliness extends beyond rooms to entries, corridors, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, restaurants, meeting spaces and even parking lots. Even a lone online review mentioning untidiness can negatively impact bookings. In a survey commissioned by CLR®, 86 percent of participants rated cleanliness as their top priority when researching a hotel. Guests can enter [...]

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Be in the Know with Guest Supply

The hospitality industry evolves so rapidly that hotels must be in the know with trends and innovations to stay relevant. Last week at Guest Supply’s North American Supplier Convention, territory managers were brought together with suppliers to gain insights into the trends across all categories and receive in-depth product education.  Here’s a look at some [...]

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Give Guests an Oasis of Calm

Modern guests expect top-notch services and amenities to maintain their investment in wellness. Their lifestyles demand adequate exercise, sleep and nutrition. Hotels can tap into this need to boost profits and give guests a retreat from their daily lives. Learn how Guest Supply can help your hotel pick up and carry the wellness torch. Aromatherapeutic [...]

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Make Travel Pet Friendly

More than any other time in history, pets are treated as valued members of the family. A survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 51 percent of U.S. hotels allow pets, and Trip Advisor found that 53 percent of 1,100 participants travel with their pets. Of those, 52 percent will only consider [...]

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Promote a Restful Sleep Experience

Hotels are placing more emphasis than ever on ensuring a restful experience for their guests, whether the property caters to the luxury traveler or those sticking to a budget. After all, there is no better way to ensure a memorable experience than by providing something we all desperately want and need – a good night’s [...]

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Making a Difference, One Bar of Soap at a Time

Guest Supply firmly believes that meeting the needs of our customers shouldn’t compromise our commitment to conservation. In fact, minimizing our impact on the environment is a priority in all aspects of our business. That’s why we are proud to partner with Clean the World, a global enterprise dedicated to reducing infection and disease in [...]

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