It’s Tea Time

Named after the treasure or “stash” of tea sea captains were entrusted to carry around the world, Stash Tea’s all-natural assortments will take you on a journey of flavor, one cup at a time. Each Stash product is safe and healthy for guests and the environment, with plastic-free, unbleached tea bags, GMO-free cotton string and [...]

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Make Every Employee Feel Safe

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has announced a pledge to provide hotel employees with safety devices and honor a commitment to enhance policies, training and resources on this subject. These efforts are being made to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and assault, with the goal of having broad implementation well before 2021. As [...]

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Protecting the Environment: One Product Line at a Time

At Guest Supply, we take pride in helping clients adopt a more sustainable business model through the manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of a full spectrum of hospitality products that meet and exceed best practices for environmental sustainability. Personal Care Amenities No toxins, natural ingredients. Guest Supply’s eco-friendly personal care amenities are formulated without sulfates, parabens, [...]

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TrendWatch 2019: Sustainability for Greater Brand Loyalty

In the Age of Sustainability, it seems every brand is trumpeting their ongoing commitment to the environment – and for good reason. According to a Nielsen study, 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainably-sourced and produced goods and services. And it’s not just Millennials. 51% percent of Baby Boomers [...]

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Your Full-Spectrum Hotel Solutions Partner

Established in 2006, Guest Supply’s furniture, fixtures and equipment division (FF&E) is an industry leader in procurement. In partnership with top domestic management companies, we build and maintain relationships via a direct, upfront approach to pricing and project management that is transparent, financially stable and unrivaled. Guest Supply offers the largest sales team in the [...]

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An Easier Property Opening

Trouble-free launches are the result of Guest Supply’s New Hotel Opening Program (NHOP). From start to finish, a full-spectrum solution is provided for every area of the hotel. Having all essential functional furniture and equipment for each new build/property allows companies to streamline their grand entrance with the NHOP. Face-to-face support with the largest sales [...]

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Recognizing the Need for Healthy Coffee Farms

Coffee is something that can be grab-and-go or the centerpiece of a crafted pause during a hectic day. Consumers are not aware of how much of the world’s economy - and hope for millions of workers - they hold in their cup. For most of the world, the day is not complete without coffee or [...]

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Harness the Power of Social Media to Increase Occupancy

65% of TripAdvisor travelers are more likely to book a property that responds to traveler reviews than one that doesn’t. In the post-social media revolution, online reviews and content matter. It isn’t enough to have high-quality customer service and friendly staff. If it is not included in the internet’s conversation, only a few will recognize [...]

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From Welcome to Goodbye, Impress Guests with a Revamped Lobby

Lobbies are no longer just spaces for checking in and out of a property. The current trend is to provide an experience that appeals to travelers and local visitors alike. The addition of art, expanded seating and social gathering areas, complete with updated technology and entertainment, help take hotel lobbies to the next level. Make [...]

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