Upright Vacuums Can Help Clean Up Productivity Issues

They’re heavy. They’re bulky. They’re loud. And for all their dust-busting acumen, they can also be a huge clog in your productivity pipeline. Enter the Battery-powered Cordless Upright Vacuum. Batteries long-ago replaced cords on a variety of janitorial equipment in the last decade – a trend that has finally come en masse to the stand-up [...]

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Roloff Stools: Accommodate every guest

If you knew guests were standing on overturned wastebaskets to brush their teeth at the sink or finding the bed so high they had to sleep on the floor, what would you do? Many hotels are not even aware of the issues differently abled guests experience when traveling for work or pleasure. Those of profoundly [...]

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Explore Apps to Enhance Customer Service

The future of the hospitality industry is right at guests’ fingertips. It is no secret that technology has changed the landscape of customer service for hotels and resorts. Guests now expect rapid-fire responses without leaving their quarters. A growing demand for enhancements and accommodations must be kept up with or hotels may lose business. Explore [...]

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Develop a Signature Scent to Reinforce Your Brand’s Unique Identity

A whiff of perfume or a breeze on a pleasant summer day can awaken long-forgotten memories and bring them new life. The olfactory senses are our strongest, creating an opportunity to increase brand awareness via scent. This type of biological marketing is the latest trend for those designing guest experiences. While a pleasing fragrance is [...]

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Outdoor Furniture Can Make a Big Difference for Your Business – Find Out How

Forbes has informed the travel industry that Gen Y is THE consumer to focus on. Unlike previous generations, millennial travelers have expressed an interest in spending as much time utilizing a property’s fresh air spaces as they do their rooms. Harness the power of this trend by exploring outdoor furniture options to create a sanctuary [...]

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Why Looks Matter When it Comes to Amenities

You can’t judge a book based on its cover, but what about shampoo? The packaging designs of amenity products directly affect the way a consumer feels about those products. When you place an amenity product in your hotel, your guests will associate their feelings about that product with their feelings about your hotel. It’s [...]

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