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Hospitality Trends to Incorporate in 2020

With digital advances and breakthrough technologies constantly being released into the market comes a change in guest expectations and desires while traveling. Technology and a focus on sustainability are perhaps the two largest factors affecting the current trends and changes in guests’ interests and expectations. Competitiveness in the hospitality industry is at an all-time high, [...]

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Avoid Costly Wall Repairs

Each day your hotel’s staff works hard to ensure guests are satisfied throughout their stay. From keeping corridors and common areas sparkling clean to turning over each bed with freshly laundered sheets, housekeeping and maintenance members work tirelessly to keep the hotel looking its best. With more amenities now being included in each guestroom, it [...]

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Implementing a Linen and Towel Reuse Program

During a time when concerns over global warming issues are growing, more people are trying to live more sustainable lifestyles and make positive environmental changes. It is especially important for large brands to show their concern and act as leaders in their communities by showing guests that they too are implementing strategies to reduce their [...]

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Providing Better Service to Adult Travelers

The adult-only hotel concept made its debut in the hospitality industry nearly a decade ago and, in a relatively short amount of time, has become a global trend. With a 30% rise in online searches for “adults-only hotel,” now is a great time to provide specific offerings for this audience. Whether your hotel is strictly [...]

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Water Conservation in Hospitality

Did you know that in the US alone, hotels and other lodging account for almost 15% of all commercial and institutional water usage? This means that your establishment has a large impact on water usage in your city. Establishing a water-saving program will reduce water waste, lower your water bills and show guests that your [...]

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Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

Social consciousness is important to people now more than ever before. Consumers are growing more interested in how businesses are prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR). Because brands are being held accountable for their influence on social change, it is critical to participate in socially responsible activities that will reflect on the culture and core values [...]

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The Rise of Wellness in Hospitality

Wellness is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the hospitality industry. In fact, a recent study by the concluded that wellness tourism or travel associated with maintaining or enhancing personal well-being is growing twice as fast as global tourism. Now more than ever, brands need to stay up-to-date on wellness trends. Properties are beginning to focus [...]

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Smart Hotel Rooms: Technology and the Future of Guest Rooms

Each day there’s a new smart product out on the market: phones, watches, appliances and cars – and thanks to voice assistant smart speakers, more and more people are beginning to reap the benefits of upgrading to a smart lifestyle. The introduction of smart rooms is not just changing consumer expectations – it’s changing the [...]

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2019 NASC Sponsors

Learn more about our 2019 North American Supplier Conference sponsors below. Silver Sponsor Sanitaire Clean is going in a new direction. Introducing the new carpet extractor from Sanitaire. The RESTORE™ Upright Carpet Extractor is designed to work in both forward and backwards passes to increase productivity and provide a deep clean for your hospitality property. [...]

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Millennials and Travel: Experiences Over Material Possessions

Most people around the world categorize travel as a luxury expense, however for millennials, it’s part of their identity. Research shows that millennials travel at an average of 35 days a year, more than any other generation. This age group places travel above spending money on luxury items, fostering better relationships with friends and family, [...]

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