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Choose Paper Over Plastic

In the United States, it’s estimated that Americans dispose of 500 million straws each day. These one-time use plastics find their way into the ocean and into the stomachs of marine life, including 71 percent of seabirds and 30 percent of turtles. Major food companies and international organizations have set goals to make single-use plastics [...]

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It’s Tea Time

Named after the treasure or “stash” of tea sea captains were entrusted to carry around the world, Stash Tea’s all-natural assortments will take you on a journey of flavor, one cup at a time. Each Stash product is safe and healthy for guests and the environment, with plastic-free, unbleached tea bags, GMO-free cotton string and [...]

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Make Every Employee Feel Safe

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has announced a pledge to provide hotel employees with safety devices and honor a commitment to enhance policies, training and resources on this subject. These efforts are being made to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and assault, with the goal of having broad implementation well before 2021. As [...]

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Protecting the Environment: One Product Line at a Time

At Guest Supply, we take pride in helping clients adopt a more sustainable business model through the manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of a full spectrum of hospitality products that meet and exceed best practices for environmental sustainability. Personal Care Amenities No toxins, natural ingredients. Guest Supply’s eco-friendly personal care amenities are formulated without sulfates, parabens, [...]

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Extended Stay Kitchen Appliances

Are guests staying a while? Whether for long-term business or holiday, travelers desire the feeling of home when they are not able to be there. Small comforts like having a coffee maker and refrigerator for cream are more convenient than guests calling room service or venturing into the lobby for a cup of joe every [...]

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Products to Make Your Hotel ADA Compliant

Accessibility is a unique challenge for those who have outfitted their homes with accommodations and modifications that may not be readily available while traveling. Beyond location and price, quite a few guests have accessibility concerns. These can include reaching the bed or sink, knowing when the phone rings, feeling safe and being treated with dignity. [...]

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TrendWatch 2019: Sustainability for Greater Brand Loyalty

In the Age of Sustainability, it seems every brand is trumpeting their ongoing commitment to the environment – and for good reason. According to a Nielsen study, 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainably-sourced and produced goods and services. And it’s not just Millennials. 51% percent of Baby Boomers [...]

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Dream Bigger with Guest Supply

Guest Supply is capable of manufacturing anything a customer’s imagination can create. We understand that long before an order is placed, the needs of the individual hotel, their particular guests, and any specific chain standards are being taken into careful consideration. That is why we specialize in creating exceptional products, from personal care amenities to [...]

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The Luxury of High-Quality Sleep

Restful nights are essential to productive days. Better sheets mean improved sleep and Prima Microfiber Bed Linens provide guests with sweeter dreams. These 100% microfiber sheets are composed of intricately woven fibers that are comfortable, smooth and durable at a reasonable cost.  These products last longer and process less expensively than conventional bed linens. Product advantages [...]

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